renting lodges the stall adrien to the heart of swore it

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renting lodges the stall adrien to the heart of swore it

in full heart of swore it, to the heart of the lakes, region to the magnificent and very varied landscapes, rivers, mountains, vineyard, renting lodges of character lodges it adrien all comfort. has practice in hike, multitude of trails to the departure of the lodgings, the high valley of the ain: particular geology, cascades, ruin of castle, ruin of mill, surprising vegetation, and apparition of some chamoises, the valley of the healthy: source of the healthy, cascades, throat of the langouette, botanical trail, belvédère of the bulay, cleft rock, the country of the lakes: tower of the 4 lakes, tower of the lake of chalain, belvédère of the peak of the eagle, the summits from jura: they offer a magnificent panorama on the alpine bow on the other side of the swiss tray, the dole, the noirmont, the mount sâla, the crêt of the new, the mount of gold, the tooth of vaulion, the suchet, vtt, more of 2000 km of itineraries demarcated recorded in guides and cards of circuits. accessible to all: some either your level. numerous circuits to the departure of sirod permitting to discover magnificent landscapes, bathing, lake of ilay and lake of narlay: small beaches arranged, non supervised, lake of chalain: of glacial origin, it is the most beautiful lake natural of swore it. 3 beaches supervised and arranged, river of the ain: non arranged, municipal swimming pool heated to champagnole, fishing, amateur of fast waters or of big smooth, the mythical river of ain or his less interesting affluents will allow you to practice your favorite leisure on rivers of 1st category, in a wild setting, winter, alpine ski, foncine the top, mouthe, new lime, the redheads, métabief, cross-country skiing, racket to snow, treffay, skiable domain of the high joux, 85 km of tracks packed down, illuminated tracks, tracks pedestrians, tracks rackets, skiable domain of foncine the haut,100 km of tracks packed down, illuminated tracks, tracks pedestrians, tracks rackets, natural curiosities: site of the losses of the ain and nasty castle, rocks of the gossips, source of the ain, big chène, the region of the lakes: chalain, ilay, narlay, the cascades of the hedgehog, the peak of the eagle, the site of the throats of the langouette, and other cascades, the paths of the tramjurassienne, beaume the gentlemen, remote, underground cave, cascades, belvédères, the top swore, the redheads, prémanon, métabief, the wine-growing region, arbois, castle chalon, poligny, the star, cultural and gluttonous visits, house of the county, visit of dairy, very holy antoine, cellar

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home of character
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0 m²
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2 personnes
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