manor of boschplaatse

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manor of boschplaatse

renting of charm farmhouse for vacations idyllic (2 to 8 people) on the land of the small manor of boschplaatse, groningue + swimming pool. has visit boschplaatse inventarisations, wood of blijham, zone protected from gaast, national forester, wedderbergen, zone protected veendiepje national trust, sterenborg onstwedde national trust, wood of midwolda, hommesbos, national forester sellingen, national forester three times borg, redoubt bourtange, of dollard protected national nature park, bos fraylemaborg, tunxdorfer bank, zone protégé pound sieve reide, fortress 16th century oudeschans, village bellingwolde, regional museum of olde wolden, castle het door you wedde, museum foundry of bell heiligerlee, museum machine of weariness steam-powered winschoten, fortress 16th century bourtange, former village saxone smeerling, the manor ennemaborg, the manor fraeylemaborg, of the museums and galleries to winschoten in scheemda, idled about of the villages of the peat-bogs, zoo of noorder dierenpark, park of recreation aquariom, dutch museum of iron, museum kinderwagenmuseum, museum drank, bus. has practice hikes pedestrian, swimming pool, canoé kayak

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township :
department :
zone :
type :
home of charm
surface :
0 m²
capacity :
8 personnes
  • water
  • electricity
  • oven
  • washing machine

  • swimming pool
  • refrigerator
  • table of garden
  • télévision