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renting apartments in house

close to the bay of sum, of the bay of authie, renting of apartment all comfort in house, to the heart of strong mahon. a proximity aquaclub, golf, equestrian center. has visit castle of trifle, castle of bertangles, castle of pissy, castle of rambures, citadel of doullens, hortillonnages of amiens, garden of the plants of amiens, gardens of the abbey of valloires, gardens of maizicourt, ornithological park of the marquenterre, house of the bird of lanchères, samara, medieval space of the castle of eaucourt, forest of crécy, district holy leu to amiens, underground cave of naours, historial of the big war, museum butcher of perthes, idled about of picardie of amiens, center jules verne, the center of leisure samara, the bay of sum, the gardens of maizicourt, the chateu of rambures, the gardens of valloires, the by zoological of amiens. has découvir the sports picards, long palm, the javelin, the ball to the fist. has practice, pedestrian hikes, vtt, tennis, golf, equestrian sports, ping pong

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township :
fort mahon
department :
zone :
type :
surface :
80 m²
capacity :
8 personnes
  • water

  • electricity