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  Free inscription of your renting of vacations

conditions of inscription

On your site of renting of vacations, to place our logo with the tie that goes with

: directory holiday rentals EUROPA-HOLLIDAYS.COM   with the code following html

to overscore the code html to copy it (while making a right click of the mouse choice copy) and to place it on your page in the code html (while making a right click of the mouse choice paste)

you have a space renter with login and lock code

Release of the prices
Bet has day of your booking time table
A visibility on our English directories, Italian, Spanish, German,
Free and unrestricted modifications of your photos and the text of your announcement
A description of amenities of your renting (television, oven, micro waves etc...)
A bond and a description short of your renting (visible on the pages of our directory)
By emails you display the demands of renseignents sent since
To display the traffic of the internauts since your inscription toward your site from the directory., directory of renting of vacations or seasonal renting of vacations, chamber of hosts, apartment, studio, house, mobil home, lodging, chalet, in France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Large Brittany, Low Country, Belgium, Switzerland,