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referencing and positioning


the goal is to register an Internet site near the search engines and directories. We do it manually.


it is art to place a site more close to the first positions of the search engines, with words cléfs which one chose the objective is the visibility of the site and the number of visits which multiply by ten.


Is the specialist in referencing and positioning of the sites of seasonal hiring of holidays. We practise a manual referencing near the search engines and directories.

A From words cléfs, we guarantee a visibility on the first two pages on the principal engines (google, yahoo, Netscape, AOL)
which account for 80% of the requests of the internautes.
Nous practise a manual referencing near the search engines
and directories.


Our tariffs

are adapted for each request, (referencing express train, with the service in the month has the year, on one or more words cléfs, etc... You pay, when the result is obtained.

ask estimate


  Site example :

with the search engines : , Google , Yahoo , Netscape

and the following words cléfs: location de studio en savoie, location de studio brides les bains, location de studio courchevel, the site appears dant the first page to see in the first positions. what produces between 200 and 300 visits per month.

referencing and positioning - directory renting of vacations